Strawberry smoothie

How to make a smoothie?

You can make your own smoothie by using four basic ingredients:

Start with the liquid

You should start off with between 1 orĀ 2 cups of a liquid such as soy milk. This is superior to regular milk and is a great source of protein, calcium, and generally lasts much longer than dairy milk. And it has no lactose or cholesterol.
You could also use any type of fruit juice, but beware of added sugar.

Optional you can add powder.
Depending on your dietary habits you can help increase your protein intake by adding a half to a whole scoop of any popular protein powder mix. We recommend one without aspartame. There are many popular brands that come in different flavors and vanilla blends right in with the taste of most fruits.


The fruits & vegetables

After experimenting with your own favorite fruits and vegetables you will start to realize which fruits contribute to the taste and texture of the smoothie in ways that you like. Testing new combinations should be a fun, creative, and ongoing process. Think of it as walking the path toward smoothie excellence


Adding the ice

If you have more fresh fruit than frozen you may want to add a few extra ice cubes to give the smoothie a cooler temperature and better texture. Mixing ice with fruit makes the smoothie cool, delicious, and refreshing.


The blending part

You will want to blend the ingredients until the liquid is circulating for at least 5 to 10 seconds. By this we mean that the contents are freely circulating. The liquid at the top should be swirling and diffusing back down to the bottom.

So don't stop to soon with the blending.


Make sure you don't have too much in your jar or your blender will never achieve proper circulation.

You will need to put in just enough so your blender can achieve proper liquid circulation in about app. 45 seconds.

Check first if your blender can handle frozen or large uncut fruit pieces!!!


Go For It!

Keep calm and have a smoothie