more than 50 MILKSHAKE recipes

strawberry milkshake with a straw

With a blender you can make this health milkshake yourself (or use a jar with a tight-fitting lid instead).
Use fresh ingredients, this will make your health milkshake taste a lot better.
Ice-cream with high fat content makes the best milkshake, but it is no good for your weight.

The recipe for the milkshake:

Health Milkshake

2 c. milk

3/4 c. ice cream (flavor of your choice; vanilla)

2 eggs

vanilla flavoring



Put all ingredients in blender and mix on high.

This shake is a "protein" booster.

You can add as many eggs as you like.

Believe it or not it's not yucky but it's yummy.

Kids love it, great for picky eaters.



Serve and enjoy

Keep calm and have a milkshake