more than 50 MILKSHAKE recipes

With a blender you can make this grape milkshake yourself (or use a jar with a tight-fitting lid instead). Use fresh ingredients, this will make your grape milkshake taste a lot better. Ice-cream with high fat content makes the best milkshake, but it is no good for your weight.

recipe for the milkshake:

Grape Milkshake

1 cup of black grapes

250 ml chilled milk

1/2 cup of sugar

1 cup of water


Separately add half cup water to the grapes and half cup water to the sugar

Boil the grapes for about 4 minutes until they turn soft

Boil the sugar and water mixture to achieve one thread consistency

Blend softened grapes and then sieve

Add it to the sugar syrup and simmer for 5 minutes

Chill the mixture very well

Blend the milk and grape concentrate till frothy

Pour it to glasses

You can top this milkshake with vanilla


Enjoy this milkshake !!!

Keep calm and have a milkshake