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Recipe for a badam milkshake
With a blender you can make this badam milkshake yourself (or use a jar with a tight-fitting lid instead). Use fresh ingredients, this will make your badam milkshake taste a lot better. Ice-cream with high fat content makes the best milkshake, but it is no good for your weight.

recipe for the milkshake:

Badam Milkshake

3 cups of milk,

1 cup badam,

1 cup yoghurt/curds,

1 cup sugar,

5 cinnamon,

2 cups water,

Grind together badam, cinnamon and the sugar

Grind milk and curd along with above contents.

Pour little water to make it thin

Pour into glasses and serve it chilled


Enjoy this milkshake !!!


Keep calm and have a milkshake